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Hangar Home Designer. It takes one to know one. Airport Home Designer.

Hangar Home Designer Hangar Home Designer
  • It is common that we, as pilots, have to explain to non pilots the fine-points of what it is we are seeking to do. Most designers and engineers are not pilots. Most have had little experience in the unique world of hangar home design or construction. Finding a designer and engineer that actually lives in a hangar home, one that he designed himself, is almost impossible. There are numerous advantages to entrusting your hangar home project to someone who has "been there" and who is passionate about the subject.
  • Hangar homes are not like other homes. If the hangar and the home are connected, there is a totally unique  situation that is easy to dismiss as unimportant. This can leave you, the owner, with a boxy looking pseudo-home that belongs more at an international airport. When we decide to live with our airplanes, we are not throwing away our desire to have a beautiful home: a home that the entire family can love - even if they, themselves, are not pilots. Sometimes a hangar home is a bit of a compromise. I've been there. I've worked with pilots and non-pilots on hangar home designs (aside from my other design activities) and I know what is important to pilots and to those who live with pilots. I specialize in integrating lifestyle with aviation.
  • Because of the electronic nature of modern design, you and I can be in the same neighborhood or across the continent. It makes no difference. We meet as often as we need to using the latest in communication and computer technology. Designs are always three dimension and you will see every view of our creations including a virtual walk-through. The experience is really fun.
  • You will save money by doing it right. Trying to combine an "off the rack" design and a hangar is expensive. You can learn more about this fact in other articles I have written.
The Services I Provide The Services I Provide
  • Hangar Home Design from scratch based upon your requirements (which we will obtain through questionnaire and from you)
  • Or Hangar Home Plans created based upon your sketches or sketches you have made with a consumer CAD program.
  • Though I design all types of residences I have a keen interest in Hangar Home Design. I designed and built my own in 2004 and have enjoyed my time in this home more than any home I've ever owned. I'm ready to help you achieve that dream.
    Final Engineering and Modification of plans that you may have purchased from one of the home plan warehouses.
  • Design and Construction Plans for Airpark Home Expansion and/or renovation projects of an existing hangar residences.
  • Personalized Service from a top Experts in the field of design and construction.
  • Dazzling Hangar Home Floor Plans and Layouts (based upon your personal Questionnaire).
  • Technical Elevations and 3-D Perspectives (to assure your understanding and appreciation of the airport hangar design).
  • Computer screen to screen collaborative meetings to "fine tune" the design.
  • Video tours.
  • Construction plans, with Engineering, sealed and ready for permits.