Hangar Home Videos

South Florida Hangar Home
This is a Hangar Home with separate inlaw quarters, 4 private gardens (for a professional landscape artist), and many unique features. I call it the MAGA 7 Hangar Home.
Clear the Head
One of the nice advantages to living with your airplane is that you can step out and go flying most anytime. Sometimes my engineering and design activities put me at my desk for long stretches. No better way, at least to me, to clear my head than to step out, climb aboard my Piper and get out and get high.  This was a spur of the moment flight (my wife was out of town) and I decided to record it with my cell phone.
Drone Video of Airport Community
I flew my drone over my home to take a nice "bird's eye" look at my own Fly-In Community in Central Florida.
Wyoming Hangar Home Teton 5
This is a beauty with a large hangar. It is located south of the Grand Tetons and sports several unique elements.
Hangar Home in Spruce Creek, Florida
This is a hangar home being built in Spruce Creek, Florida aviation community.
Hangar Home Video Walk Through - Built in Georgia
This hangar home consists of two hangars - a "T" hangar in the home and a separate hangar home. This has a guest area on the ground floor and living areas upstairs. There is a nice loft and two decks.
West Tennessee Hangar Home Video Walkthrough
I designed this one for a client in Western Tennessee. It has a Victorian quality.
Hangar Home Video Walk Through
This is a video walk through for a project in Baker, Florida.
Hangar Home Potential
This 2312 sqft home has a 40x40 detached building. A bit small for a hangar - but easily modified. Detached hangars are not my preference but are always a way to  design a hangar home project.
Texas Hangar Home - presentation to a client.
At times my client wants a simple hangar home design without a lot of complexities. Here is a presentation of a design for a Texas client which met his unique specifications. You will see some of the data he sent me and  how I solved the design problem. This is a typical presentation I provide my clients - along with a PDF drawing.
Presentation of an Alaska Hangar Home
The best way I have found to present a design, or a design change, is through video. This particular video is the presentation of a redesign for a client after he decided to make some changes to his original criteria. This is not uncommon when we get into the meats and potatoes of the design. I always accommodate because this is an important project to my client.
Hangar Ceilings - To Drywall or not to Drywall
A common question is whether or not to place sheetrock on the ceiling of your hangar. Folks do it both ways. Here is a brief discussion.  It's one of many decisions necessary when building a hangar home.
the MAGA 3 Hangar Home
This home is in North Carolina. It is a combined hangar and home. The hangar is 2000 sqft. It has a 3 car garage, a spacious interior, a dedicated music room and theater room, great gust quarters and a nice kitchen. Also has a nice dedicated workshop. This one will fit on most any site.
Airport Community Life
I shot this video which covers my leaving my airport home on a errand in the airplane and returning.
A Hangar Home - I call it the Split 4
This is a separate home hangar project with a massive, separate hangar which is being used for airplanes, RV storage, shops....you name it. It is connected to the home with a breezeway. The home has vaulted ceilings, a large kitchen, a flexible courtyard/garden and fits the bill for most any pilot with a large plot of land and lots of stuff.
Returning Home to my Hangar Home
Was Flying Home from a business engagement and decided to video the experience.
Wyoming Hangar Home Teton 3
This amazing hangar home sits with a unique view in Wyoming. It sports a massive hangar, decks and porches surrounding, a theater under the garage and 4 levels if you include the tower level for an amazing view. Hangar is large enough for some big GA equipment. A dream home for sure.
Greetings to my Fellow Pilots
If you're a fellow pilot, thanks for stopping by.