Inspecting (Forensics)

Living in Florida.....heck, just living in general, can put us into contact with natural and unnatural disasters of varying proportions.Most of us, if given the choice, would choose property damage over any other kind. As long as our loved one's are okay, most anything else can be repaired. The various types of damage that can occur are:
  • Wind damage (hurricanes, tornadoes, the unannounced storms).
  • Flood Damage (this is usually not structural in nature but can force rebuilds of otherwise good structures.
  • Fire Damage
  • Automobiles crashing into homes and other buildings.
  • Termite damage
  • Rot damage
  • Others.....
Many of these, whether being evaluated by an insurance adjuster, or the owner, or a contractor, require engineering evaluation. [click to continue…]

Code Enforcement Action – What do I do?

by Engineer Designer on July 3, 2010

Have you received a citation from the Code Enforcement Board? It can be a bit unsettling getting such a notice, by certified mail, that your property has been spotted for Code Enforcement Action.  Such citations can be for a myriad of things, including:
  • Building without a permit
  • Unkempt yard
  • Junk storage
  • Improper Parking
  • Intrusive business from a residence (like a plumbing company requiring material storage and employee hours)
  • Home or building existing below safe standards or Codes. These are usually  condemnable for one reason or another.
  • [click to continue…]

Purchasing REO (Real Estate Owned) Property

by Engineer Designer on July 3, 2010

As sign of the time, unfortunately, banks are becoming owners of more and more homes that have been abandoned by their former owners. These home are placed on the market  in the banks attempt to recover at least part of their investment. Some good deals can be had but the condition of the structure, be it home or commercial building, can be a real "dog's breakfast". This can be for many reasons, but usually these units have gotten the short end of the former owner's attention. The homes were usually lost during very stressful time for the former owners, and much has been allowed to deteriorate. Issues can range from minor to major. [click to continue…]