by Engineer Designer on July 3, 2010

Sometime moving is not an option. Perhaps your home is regal and rare - yet "functionally obsolete".  Having two bathrooms (however small and boring) may have been quite a thing when it was built but by today's standards it just is not acceptable. Same may be true for kitchens and other spaces.

There are other reasons to renovate:
  • Even though the kids are growing moving from the neighborhood can disrupt family life. At times, creating and adding a new space is the only viable solution.
  • Today homes are not selling as quickly as they once did - yet change is needed now. Modifying your home or adding to it may be the most workable way to have the home your need and want.
  • Some cities are running out of vacant land. Renovation and updating existing homes can be the only viable solution available.
Solutions can include adding new spaces, converting spaces, or even "going up" with a new second story over a one story home. The possibilities can be quite amazing. However it is important to tie in with someone (or a team) who understands good design, engineering and construction. The Engineer Designer an help you with your project. Call, Contact or Chat today to learn more.
Is your home a bit obsolete? Do you need more space; perhaps another bathroom?; a larger kitchen? A new family room or porch? As home owners we have generally solved this by selling our home and looking for and buying another. The market has usually supported that. Sometimes we have purchased property and had that "perfect home" designed and built. But, alas, the "economy". Can't touch it. Can't even find it - but it is "there" and affecting many of our capabilities - or so we think. [click to continue…]

Purchasing REO (Real Estate Owned) Property

by Engineer Designer on July 3, 2010

As sign of the time, unfortunately, banks are becoming owners of more and more homes that have been abandoned by their former owners. These home are placed on the market  in the banks attempt to recover at least part of their investment. Some good deals can be had but the condition of the structure, be it home or commercial building, can be a real "dog's breakfast". This can be for many reasons, but usually these units have gotten the short end of the former owner's attention. The homes were usually lost during very stressful time for the former owners, and much has been allowed to deteriorate. Issues can range from minor to major. [click to continue…]